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The Twin Oaks Home Care, Inc. Office offers introductory answers to frequently asked questions about our services, and how we can best assist you, or a family member.
Links throughout the answers will guide you to further information on our web site or from other sources.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us:


Are the caregivers bonded & insured?

Every employee of TOHC is bonded and insured, as per the requirements of the Area Agency on Aging.

Are the TOHC care givers trained?

All of our employees are required to complete a 40 hour in-service training program before they are scheduled to work in a patient's home, which includes policy & procedure orientation, infection control, emergency response procedures, and in-home patient care training. Also our employees are required to complete the 75 hour state certification program within their first year of employment.

Will I have a choice of who comes to my home?

Patients and families can make requests for who comes to their home. You can also request that an employee not come back to your home. If you refuse new, or additional, employees you may not receive care for the shifts you refuse. However, if it is a matter of safety that employee will be removed from your home immediately. You also have the right to be informed of the identity of the direct care worker assign to provide your services.

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Will the same caregiver come each day/shift?

Our goal is 80% of the time you will receive the same 2 employees for each shift we are scheduled to work in your home. You will only see the third employee if the first employee calls off, and the second employee is scheduled elsewhere.

Are home care services covered by insurance or Medicare?

Some Insurances do cover certified Home Health Care. You can either contact your private insurance carrier or you can contact us and we will review your policy with you.

Medicare does not cover certified Home Health Care. Medicare will cover Skilled Home Health Care. If you need assistance in obtaining Skilled Home Health Care please feel free to contact us, or own Physician.

If I change my mind, do I have to keep the service?

TOHC Services can be terminated or cancelled at any time. There is no binding contract stating you must continue to receive care through our company. However, if Twin Oaks Home Care, Inc. must cancel or terminate services you must receive a ten day prior written notification. If the employees safety is at risk, then the services could be terminated immediately by Twin Oaks Home Care, Inc. if the safety concern is not addressed and resolved immediately.

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How long have you been in business?

TOHC was founded on September 8th of 2000 and became incorporated in 2004; however, Jim and Dawn Dice have over 50 years of medical experience combined.

Do I pay the caregiver directly?

No. TOHC will provide service one week at a time, normally from Monday through Thursday. You will receive a call on Thursday to inform you of the amount due to us on Friday. Either a Supervisor will come to your house to pick-up payment, or you will be able to mail your payment to us weekly.


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How is the privacy of my personal information maintained?

TOHC abides by the Federal HIPPA Rules and Regulations.  All of the information you provide to us is kept strictly confidential, and maintained under lock and key.  We will not disclose your health information without your authorization, except as described below:

TOHC will not use or disclose information regarding drug or alcohol abuse, HIV infection, or psychotherapy counseling notes without your written consent, authorization or as required by state law.

Do I need a physician’s authorization/prescription?

You do not need a Physician’s authorization/prescription to receive Home Care Services.

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What if I need changes to my services?

You can make changes in your services as needed simply by calling our office at 724.438.1936. We do ask for a 1 to 2 day notice if you will like to change (or cancel) any of your services.

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Can Twin Oaks Home Care help with medications?

Yes.  Our Home Health Aides are permitted by the law to assist self-administration of medications. Patients are required to use a pillbox for all consistent medications.  Patients, Families or Skilled Nurses are required to setup pillboxes. If you need assistance with the setup of your pillbox we have Registered Nurses who are available to assist you for a fee.


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page revised: January 23, 2017